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An experienced criminal defense attorney can reduce the potential legal ramifications to you in a criminal investigation. Your criminal law attorney may be able to intervene and effectively protect your rights before they are violated by law enforcement investigators and prosecutors.

Unfortunately, many individuals wait to counsel with an experienced lawyer about their situation, severely limiting the options in their defense. By intervening as early as possible on our client's behalf, the attorneys at Ellis & Mock can often prevent charges from being brought or an indictment being filed.

Our attorneys are accomplished trial lawyers; they possess the skills and legal knowledge necessary to take on immediate and decisive action in your defense. Our goal is to minimize the negative consequences of any state or federal criminal charge, including:

  • DWI : We begin by challenging field sobriety and breath tests, working to uncover procedural errors in the initial DUI traffic stop and drunk driving arrest, and fighting blood alcohol test evidence. We handle Felony DWI as well.
  • Federal Drug Charges: From possession with intent to distribute, to importation, manufacturing, cultivation or conspiracy charges, we have the strength and legal experience to handle the most serious drug trafficking and federal criminal charges.
  • Aggravated Assault: These are serious matters involving use of a deadly weapon or serious harm to another person.

In addition, we also provide efficient and tenacious representation to clients seeking to expunge their criminal records, and to those accused of violation of probation.

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